Updating to Eclipse Galileo with Flex Plugin

Pfewwww. Installing a new version of eclipse with it’s plugins is something I always dread. The hassles and problems never seem to end.

After updating my Flex Builder today it stopped working giving me weird errors and refusing to start. After having a look at the log files and realizing I don’t understand any of it I decided to do a clean install of the new Eclipse and get the Flex plugin instead. Easier said then done.

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ActionScript string replace ( str_replace() )

Another function I constantly find myself missing in ActionScript in the str_replace() which you can find in other languages. My memory is just as bad when it comes to remembering this function as it is when trying to remember the syntax for the FullScreen function so I’ll post it here as well.

ActionScript Full Screen function

Started working on a new Flex project today and found myself searching the docs for the correct syntax in making Full Screen apps so I figured I’d post it here and hopefully I’ll remember this function next time I need it.


“The Swedish Style” – consists of a group of independent Swedish companies, who started a collaboration to promote the Swedish style of building bikes. Each member company has its own designed and manufactured products, which represent the Swedish bike building style. The firm I work for gladly accepted to build their new site and my friend Kalabaleek put together a true “biker design” which we together put together in code and made the final adjustments. There are plans to implement a shop on the site in the future, I will post back those screenshots when it’s done.

NES School Project

Back in design school we were learning flash and me and a friend decided to build an informational game that could be lanched on the shool site for information about classes. Inspired by Nintendo and true pixel love we produced our flash game, busniess cards and posters for the launch. Over the years it seems all the source files have been lost but some screeshots are still around. I wish I could play the 8-bit music we had as well but you will have to use your imagination, *blipblipblop*. Big thanks and love to my friend Martin Wijk who was my partner in crime on this one, one day we will be coding again my friend!


An international company that are involved in facade work, construction at industrial sites, offshore scaffolding, renting and general distribution for various international brands. My webfirm got the job to produce their new site with a full product catalogue. They wanted their site to be something extra special, really sticking out from their competitors and I think we did a pretty god job at that. The credit for this work also belongs to my colleague Longman for the stunning design and to my colleague programmer Johnny who is a true Drupal Ninja.

My main job on this site was to produce a flash slideshow with external data, a flash movieplayer and the general HTML and CSS work.


BariatricEdge is a part of Johnsson & Johnsson and they specialize in bariatric surgery. The firm I work for has had them as a client for some time now and we’ve done lots of work with them. These two projects were produced together with my colleague and friend, Longman.

The latest thing we did was an AIR application build in Flex Builder. The application was presented at a fair on 24″ iMacs in full screen mode. The application was made up of a main container that was loading in four other custom made swf’s (flash content) with information about the company and what they do. There was an operating room with information about the procedures, a quiz for their clients to take, there was a booth survey and a registration form to the Healthcare Professionals part of the BariatricEdge.eu site which is to be launched soon.

Another cool job in AIR that I’ve made in Flex Builder at my firm for BariatricEdge is an analytics tool to be able to keep track of the companys partner and clinic sites. It tracks how many visitors enter each site, how many reach the BMI screening page, how many people actually completes the screening and how many contacts has there been. It uses the Flex Framework charting components to draw colum and linecharts.


Aleris is a clinic in Oslo, Norway that specializes in Bariatric Surgery. The design on this page comes from Oslo and a designfirm there but the coding was made be me into a CMS that me and a friend of mine have developed. Although our CMS is not as full featured as Drupal, Aleris was in need of a simple system to update the text and images on their site so our system was perfect for the job.

Included in the site as well is a BMI screening process where JavaScript is calculating BMI based on user input and if the BMI is high enough, the user is taken to an interactive contact form to get in touch with the clinic and schedule a meeting.


100Hus is a local democracy project in Hornstull, Stockholm. The project goal is to gather a 100 houses in this part of the city to improve the local environment. They invite artists to paint, sculpturers to make sculptures and much more. They involve the citizens at a grass root level, everyone from school children to people who have retired long since in trying to make their part of town a nicer place to live.

They requested a website with a full and scalable CMS so the choice for Drupal was obvious. The site includes login for the participating houses, artists and schools. They all have their separate pages and permissions to do different things such as advertising for artists, creating their own hous pages and much more.

They also request a map to display some of the houses where each house is linked to a short movie where they talk about their specific project. The map is of course made in flash with animations and a video player.  I wish 100Hus all the best and I’m looking forwar to keep working with you!