April 7, 2019

Dark theme and tabs for PowerShell

The Windows Command Prompt, PowerShell ISE and now simply the Windows app “PowerShell” is hopelessly behind what you can find on a Mac or Linux development machine. The lack of tabs and terrible default color schemes has had many developers crying.

While the Windows Sets/Tabs feature seems to be Missing in Action on all insider builds currently, the best we can hope for in Windows is Groupy and a PowerShell profile.

Groupy for Tabs

I would never run any of the other 3rd party terminals on my machine because I do not trust them, but Groupy caught my eye and I trust it. It lets you setup your windows in groups, which is very similar to tabs.

It has it quirks but I love it for what it is (and since I have no option).

PowerShell profile for darkness

The default powershell window looks terrible. Blue background, white text. Unreadable and hard on the eyes.

Here’s how we fix it:

  1. Right-click on the PowerShell Window top-bar, and select ‘Properties’
  2. Click on the ‘Colors’ tab
  3. Change background color to black
  4. Enter $host.privatedata in your shell to view color variables
  5. Create new profile file using New-Item -path $profile -type file -force
  6. Edit profile with notepad $profile
  7. Enter the colors you want, e g:

Tweak as needed.

IF you really want to get fancy, there’s a group working on nice and sweet Solarized Themes. Give it a try if you dare.