June 7, 2009


100Hus is a local democracy project in Hornstull, Stockholm. The project goal is to gather a 100 houses in this part of the city to improve the local environment. They invite artists to paint, sculpturers to make sculptures and much more. They involve the citizens at a grass root level, everyone from school children to people who have retired long since in trying to make their part of town a nicer place to live.

They requested a website with a full and scalable CMS so the choice for Drupal was obvious. The site includes login for the participating houses, artists and schools. They all have their separate pages and permissions to do different things such as advertising for artists, creating their own hous pages and much more.

They also request a map to display some of the houses where each house is linked to a short movie where they talk about their specific project. The map is of course made in flash with animations and a video player.  I wish 100Hus all the best and I’m looking forwar to keep working with you!