June 7, 2009


BariatricEdge is a part of Johnsson & Johnsson and they specialize in bariatric surgery. The firm I work for has had them as a client for some time now and we’ve done lots of work with them. These two projects were produced together with my colleague and friend, Longman.

The latest thing we did was an AIR application build in Flex Builder. The application was presented at a fair on 24″ iMacs in full screen mode. The application was made up of a main container that was loading in four other custom made swf’s (flash content) with information about the company and what they do. There was an operating room with information about the procedures, a quiz for their clients to take, there was a booth survey and a registration form to the Healthcare Professionals part of the BariatricEdge.eu site which is to be launched soon.

Another cool job in AIR that I’ve made in Flex Builder at my firm for BariatricEdge is an analytics tool to be able to keep track of the companys partner and clinic sites. It tracks how many visitors enter each site, how many reach the BMI screening page, how many people actually completes the screening and how many contacts has there been. It uses the Flex Framework charting components to draw colum and linecharts.